A overcast and showery day spent reading, blogging and for some a crib tournament. T and Bev were crushed by Mark and Mark!

Early evening we wander down to Delfshaven, the historic part of Rotterdam. Have to wait whilst the bridge over the river lifts up to let a couple of boats out.

Rotterdam’s city centre was nearly levelled by German bombing in May 1940 but this area survived with buildings from the 1600’s. This is also the starting point for the Pilgrim fathers who left here on the Speedwell in 1620 before ending up in Plymouth where they boarded the Mayflower for their journey to the New World.

We find a cosy pub with views of the river for plenty of chat laughs and drinks before a final pint in the pub over the road from our apartment. Chicken piri piri for dinner a la Sessie.

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