Time for a good breakfast this morning before a twenty minute walk to the railway station to catch the 09:59 train to Lisbon.

We get off at Lisboa Oriente station which has the most amazing roof over the platforms. Stop for a cuppa in the sunshine on the plaza outside the station.

It’s less than a fifteen minute walk to our apartment which is very modern in a high rise modern building looking out to the river.

We drop off our bags, get changed into cooler clothes and wander up the road to the nearest metro station to travel into the city. We’ve decided to ride Tram 28 the classic Lisbon tram route which starts in Martim Moniz and a couple of short journeys on the metro takes us there.

There is a huge queue of people for the tram and at this point we don’t know how long the wait is. We commit anyway and it’s over an hour and a quarter, mainly standing getting hot and bothered.

We end up being the last six people to get seated on our tram so we are spread out with a mixture of seats, some better than others. The trams are narrow, only three seats in each row. Supposedly it’s 21 sitting and 32 standing and although it gets busier with lots of locals hopping on and off it’s hard to imagine how that many people would ever fit!

The rickety noisy tram takes a route with some very narrow streets where people have to squeeze themselves into doorways to avoid being run over, around very tight turns and up steep streets where the driver has to rev up to top speed in order to make it up the hill! A modern tram would never manage the route.

We jump off after about forty five minutes in need of sustenance and find a bar for beer and a few chips. We sit outside but a visit to the facilities is brightened by an unusual loos hidden behind a huge mirror door.

A wander down to the river takes us back into a very busy Lisbon with lots of people enjoying the sunshine and the river view.

Time to take the metro back to Lisboa Oriente station and wander along to a bar near to the apartment. After a horrible beer in one place where we were tempted by €2 euro happy hour beers we move to a second bar where the happy hour has finished but the beer tastes better. We eventually move inside and eat dinner before a final drink and a short walk back to the apartment and a relatively early night as we are up early again tomorrow to catch our final train to Faro! Another long, busy, fun tiring day on our interail adventure.

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