Santiago de Compostela

Raining cats and dogs today. After a bit of a lie in we brave the wet weather for about 5 minutes before heading into a cafe for a cuppa and free churros which really don’t taste that good when cold.

Mark, T and Mark have headed out earlier without coats so are standing under balconies or shop awnings attempting to stay dry.

We all meet for another cuppa and some breakfast hoping the rain will pass. Never had an omelette sandwich before.

After eating we wander on towards the cathedral through the Alameda park and streets packed with gift shops and tapas bars and people. We spot the amazing one T and I ate in when we first visited in 2018.

The cathedral is very busy. We walk around, I light a candle and we all visit the shrine to St James which we have to queue for. The plaza is busy too, with guests from a wedding, tourists and the occasional pilgrim.

Next stop is the market and market hall which is rammed with people eating and drinking on this damp Saturday afternoon.

The market itself is just closing up but full to the gills with stalls of fresh looking amazing and vibrant food which we’d like to buy but can’t. Jacky finds some locally cured delicious ham to take home.

Out onto damp streets we walk up the hill to Museo do Pobo Galego which is packed to the gills with treasures from Galician history & culture and based in a 13th century convent which has a rather lovely spiral staircase. A video showcasing the diverse geography and scenery of Galicia was a highlight.

Time to turn back via the side streets and through a sculpture park, then stop for a beer before heading to our pension.

It’s a beer and free tapas start to our evening followed by Chinese food and an early night.

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