Bamburgh Castle and Beal

Off to stay near Lindisfarne today at Beal. First stop though is Bamburgh Castle. T wants to visit as it’s Uhtred’s gaff in his much loved Viking drama The Last Kingdom. It’s an impressive castle that’s actually open but as we’ve visited before we don’t go in! Instead we wander around and outside the castle and through the village which is very busy with tourists.

We visit St Aiden’s church and graveyard where Grace Darling is buried and it’s interesting crypt containing the bones and stories of previous residents who lived here 1400 years ago.

Next we move onto Brockmill House Farm campsite. It’s a small site a little more out of the way than we’d have liked but we’ve already paid so we are committed for a couple of nights. We hunker down and eat the remains of our fridge nibbles and eventually have cheese and onion on toast for dinner watching Saturday night TV followed by an old episode of Criminal Minds.


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