Alnwick and Embleton

We left Warkworth late morning and decided to have a quick stop at Alnwick to see the castle that was used in the Harry Potter movies aka Hogwarts. The castle is closed but we’re used to that! Both Warkworth and Alnwick Castles were owned by the Percy family for over 700 years and they still live in Alnwick.

We got a few photos but as the gardens were also closed they don’t do it justice.

Onto Embleton for our second visit. We are staying in a small campsite which has EHU and grey and black dumps but no facilities. It’s £25 a night which we think is a bit steep! Last time we stayed in a campsite in Dustan but this time we are staying west of the castle close to Embleton itself.

When we travelled to Northumberland in 2018 the first year we had Luci, we absolutely loved Embleton beach, the coastline and views of Dunstanburgh Castle.

It’s still as lovely but different. When we visited the beach in October 2018 it was a calm cold and sunny day with the tide out. The water was turquoise and the sand golden. This time it’s windy and a little wild and the tide is in. Still beautiful but different. After a wander along the beach we walk to Dunstanburgh golf club clubhouse just in time to miss the rain.

Up the road into Embleton and a visit to The Grey’s pub which was uber dog friendly. Almost everyone had a dog. One group had five large dogs between them all squished under one table. Chicken wings keep the munchies away until we wander back to the van for food and telly.


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