Around midday we take the bus again into Durham. We’ve dressed a little more carefully today as rain is threatened in the afternoon and we don’t want a second soaking. I paid £7.70 yesterday for the trip and today the much more cheerful and helpful bus driver tells us it’s only £2 for a single! Feel a letter of complaint might be in my future!

We walk straight to the cathedral along the riverside path. It’s an impressive building and free to enter which we love.

Both enjoy a good wander around.

T spots the entrance to the tower ascent and I must be feeling energetic as I decide to give it a go too. We have to wait until the previous group of people get back to the bottom as it’s definitely a one way system. The stairs are wide for the first half of the journey upwards as we are climbing to the top of the main cathedral building. We then cross over to the tower itself and continue the climb. By the end I am definitely feeling everyone of it’s 325 steps to the top! The views across Durham are good and it’s a chance to get our breath back before the descent.

Next stop is the cafe for restorative tea and yummy cake.

Very tasty banana, cherry and fruit cake

Today is the Saturday closest to St Cuthbert’s day so entry to the museum is free. Its located in what used to be the monks dormitory and latterly a library. Built in 1404 it still has its amazing medieval oak ceiling.

As we leave the museum and enter the cathedral again we realise that the organ is being played and sit and listen awhile followed by a quick visit to the shop to add to our fridge magnet and christmas decoration collections.

A final wander around the cloisters before we exit just as it starts to rain and realise that the annual St Cuthbert’s pilgrimage, a five mile walk from Finchale Priory is just arriving in time for the 4pm service.

Back into town we head to the Market Place just as it’s closing and enjoy a pint in the Market Tavern pub with one eye on the rugby whilst T gets friendly with a Swedish Blonde….

A second drink in the amazing pub that is Old Tom’s Gin Bar where we are wowed by the wacky memorabilia hung on the walls and from the ceiling and the 100’s of gin bottles.

Take the bus back to the campsite. It’s a little easier to spot our stop this time as we still have daylight. Buy a beer and enjoy chatting to the campsite owner Adam. Getting a little cold now so back to the van for dinner and telly. It’s been a fun day.


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