Muides-sur-Loire, Centre-Val de Loire

We’re now at our final campsite. It’s called Camping Municipal Bellevue and sits right alongside the Loire river which is looking very low indeed.

We shopped and filled up the tank at the Super U just up the road. Thankfully they had ice so we bought two bags!!! Cold drinks tonight. We put one in the freezer and the second in little bags throughout the fridge to help it cool down.

It’s still as hot as Hades here especially inside the van. Reception doesn’t open until 3pm but as we arrived at 2:45pm it wasn’t much of a wait.

The campsite doesn’t have marked pitches you just pick a spot but the EHU is in groups so we need to be reasonably close to one. My first pick was lovely and shady but too far away. The second spot spotted by T is also next to the river, had a tree for a bit of shade and we could just about reach the electricity so all good.

After setting up and lunch T went for a swim. He said it was shallow and like a lukewarm bath.

Around 7pm we walk out to try and find a local bar. There’s a rather nice restaurant close to the site but sadly it was already fully booked all weekend. The bar turned out to be a takeaway only so we walked back to the lively campsite bar. Wraps and chips for dinner washed down with Jupiler beer.

A wander back along the river to the van and it’s looking lovely.

We sit outside and I watch the end of my fave the Cook of Castermar whilst T plays backgammon. The midges are out with avengence and the candles are attracting then rather than keeping them away! Have to blow then out in the end and wipe the laptop screen. Our mossie killer device is crackling away too.

A lovely spot to end our holiday.

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