Plage de la Philbie, Chateau d’Oléron, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Beach day today. We start with a lazy morning and then wander down early afternoon. First time out for our beach umbrella and chairs.

We are on the ocean side of the beach and this time the tide is in. Today is Sunday. The beach is busier than when we came on Friday afternoon for a look but still not crowded with plenty of room for everyone. Our beach umbrella is pretty fab as it has sides and can also be used as windbreak. T collects loads of rocks to weigh down the sides so it doesn’t take off and that seems to work. Beach chairs are good for a bit but obviously a bit too cheap and cheerful and bits start to move when they shouldn’t! Luckily they were only €14.99 for two as I don’t think they’ll last the holiday.

After lunch and a few hours on the beach the tide is way out again. We leave and go to the beach bar for a beer. Plage de la Philbie is a beach, the campsite side of the sand dunes, next to a small lake and has life guards. It is now absolutely heaving. Not sure where they’ve all come from but there’s lots of sand castle building going on and swimming.

Back to the van for a shower and then off into town for dinner. We probably should have gone out Saturday night as on Sunday’s lots of places close. Eventually we find a pizza place open where T has a curry pizza, ugh, and I have a salad both of which we enjoy.

A couple of drinks in a bar on the way back where we are intrigued by an automatic pizza machine doing a brisk business.

Back at the van we decide on a trivia quiz and then I watch an episode of The Cook of Castermar.

Loved our beach day.

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