Coulon, Le Marais Poitevin, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Pack up and leave hopefully just in time to travel to Coulon which is about two hours away, and also fit in a supermarket shop, all ahead of arriving at the municipal campsite at 3pm. This time we take the toll road almost all the way for €17.

The campsite has obviously been around for years with lots of mature trees which is fab as its about 5° hotter. This site unusually has a motorhome service point too which means we can dump our grey and fill up with fresh water.

We shop in Benet which is only 6k away from our destination.

A quiet afternoon and evening where we don’t do much at all other than set up,  hide from the sun and the heat as much as possible and watch lots of other motorhomes and campers arrive. It’s almost but not quite full.

T wanders into town for his ever larger lower lip and gets some cortisone and different anti-histamines which will hopefully do the trick.

Eventually we have a BBQ which is way too smoky, I think it’s time to buy another one! Enjoy a few drinks and a couple of games of Rummikub. It’s now 9-6 to T.

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