Arromanches-les-Bains and the D Day Landings

On the road heading for Arromanches-les-Bains. As the fridge is almost empty we stop near Bayeux at a Leclerc again to restock on fresh food before landing in the town.

This time we are staying at a municipal Aire, a greenish looking carpark for €10 euros for 24hrs! It’s literally 5 minutes walk into town. I ask our French neighbour how close to park as the pitches aren’t marked out. We leave just enough space for the awning.

The beach at Arromanches was designated Gold Beach in the Day landings and was where the allied forces built a temporary harbour that they’d pre-built and then towed from England! It was hidden in the Thames ahead of Operation Overlord.

Operation Overlord

Our first stop is the beach. It’s another beautiful sunny day. The remains of the WWII harbour are plain to see and it was huge.

Onto the museum which is interesting and just about the right size. Lots of info about the soldiers and their regiments and details about how the harbour was built and the battle timeline. A huge turning point in the war but the cost was massive to both sides and the local community. It’s hard to imagine today but the newsreels bring it starkly to life.

A beer in the town before heading back and BBQing for dinner. We sit for a while and end up playing Rummikub which I lose again!!!

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