Redcross, County Wicklow

It’s rained hard most of the night. We leave Blackwater and head north to River Valley campsite in Redcross, County Wicklow. This is our last stop on our Irish adventure. The campsite is not really our usual pick as it’s huge, busy and very much family oriented but it’s ok in a pinch on a bank holiday weekend.

Family activities

Our particular section is called The Secret Garden which is adults only so a bit quieter.

We stay in the van for the afternoon and T cooks a very tasty spag bol and garlic bread for dinner.

There’s a couple of pubs local to the site and we intend to try both.

Start with Rua’s pub intending to have one pint and never leave. Enjoy a fabulous evening with very friendly customers entertained by Jake and some of the locals, who are generally Dubliners down for the weekend and who obviously sing here regularly.

Jake kindly sings Angels by Robbie Williams for us the visitors and when I say thanks but we’re from Liverpool he sings Let It Be. He sings Down Under for a visitor from Oz. The evening finishes very late with everyone standing and singing the Irish national anthem! Top night.

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