Ring of Kerry…. Waterville, Catherdaniel, Sneem and Kenmare, then onto Caha Pass, Glengarrif and Bantry!

Today started very wet. We’ve had torrential and noisy rain most of the night and wake up to puddles of water everywhere. A tent two pitches down blew over in the night and the campers had to take cover in their van!

The plan is to finish the Ring of Kerry drive and then head towards Bantry for an overnight stay. Our first stop is the lovely Waterville right on Ballinskelligs Bay. It’s a picturesque spot with the tide coming in and glorious views of the bay. We pick up a few supplies and then move on.

Our next stop is at a church just above Hogs Head and then we stop again at a wonderful viewpoint between Waterville and Caherdaniel. Just beautiful.

Hogs Head
Viewpoint between Waterville and Caherdaniel

Further along between Caherdaniel and Sneem we find a pull in overlooking Sherky Island and Kenmare River and enjoy a quick lunch.

Sneem is very popular and busy so we decide to pass and keep going to Kenmare which is equally rammed so we don’t stop here either.

T window down enjoying the breeze

The drive from Kenmare to Bantry is winding and mostly narrow with a very exciting bit over the Caha Pass which cuts through the top of the Caha mountains via a number of tunnels. It reminds us a bit of the Grossglockner pass between Austria and Italy but not quite as high and without the snow!

Caha mountains

Down the other side we travel through Glengarrif which looks very bijou and onto Bantry where the traffic through town is a bit of a nightmare.

Eagle hotel, Glengarrif
Bantry Bay

We decide to stay for €10 in a carpark of the Whitelodge Hotel rather than pay €20 to park at the Marina. It’s a 20 minute walk into Bantry downhill so I may regret it later….

An almost empty spot, don’t think we’ll have trouble with noisy neighbours!

After a bite, a cuppa and some reading and blogging, we get changed and walk into Bantry. I can’t use my straighteners eek as we are running off the leisure battery so up goes my hair. It’s down hill to the bay, blustery but sunny.

Garden of the hotel
Tidal wetlands
A heron
A graveyard with a view over the bay

We stroll in along the bay, past the Marina and arrive at the town.

The Marina….where we could have parked
Looking back into the sun

We start in the Snug with a half. T want’s to visit Ma Murphy’s which is next, it looks like it hasn’t changed for some time and it’s freezing so I think they’re saving on heating bills.

The Snug overlooking the bay
Used to be a shop as well but only selling alcohol today
Ma Murphy’s

Next is the Anchor which is full of memorabilia including a lifebuoy from The Lusitania and a friendly barman.

We return to the Snug to eat and have a final drink in The Quays. It’s then back up the hill for a couple of episodes of Firefly before bed. The walk back is fine and goes quickly as we’re not stopping to take photos! Another packed and lovely day wandering along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Lovely dinner in The Snug & oD’s

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