New Quay

A day spent mostly in the van. It rained overnight and most of the day so it’s been the Winter Olympics, Wordle, Sudoku and Kindle for me. Sports of all sorts on TV for Tony including the rugby of course.

Hit the wordle archive after the word of the day!
Wales 20- 17 Scotland
Breakfast on the way

Around six pm it looks like there’ll be a bit of a break in the rain so we shower and get ready and brave the outdoors around seven pm. It’s still raining in that misty way so we get damp but not wet.

We walk the mile down to the Seahorse Inn which is lively with lots of young tipsy customers. Some still celebrating Wales win over Scotland in the rugby this afternoon.

Next we walk the short distance to the Black Lion and eat dinner. It’s more like a restaurant than a pub. Once we finished eating we wander back to the Seahorse which is even busier. We decide it must be party central for young New Quay locals. We decide to walk up to the Penrhiwllan Inn for a final drink before heading back to the van. Sadly it’s closed early so we keep going to the campsite. Our final mile up hill should help with the step count!

Belly pork was yum

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