Hanley Swan in the Malvern Hills

We leave Cadeside campsite late morning and have an easy two hour drive to Blackmore campsite in Hanley Swan which is very quiet.

Van cleaning in front of us in the drizzle!

After lunch we sit in the warm and eventually play Rummikub again. After three games today, T is now ahead five games to four overall.

Eventually we get ourselves going again and enjoy using the campsite facilities, even though you have to press a button every 15 seconds to keep the hot water flowing!

We walk to the local pub The Swan which is 15 mins straight along a footpath outside the campsite. It’s rather upmarket, more a restaurant than pub. Enjoy our rabbit and prune terrine starter. My dinner of plaice was ordinary but T enjoyed his pork schnitzel.

On the way back we notice the local church named after Tony’s Dad…well the other way around really. There’s not many St Alphonsus’s churches around.

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