Off to Cheddar today. It’s about an hour away so we decide to go to Wells which is slightly out of our way. After three failed attempts to find somewhere to park and nearly getting stuck in one carpark with very tight and narrow turns we give up and head to Cheddar.

The campsite is busy and a bit damp. We have a bit of lunch and then walk into Cheddar. The River Yeo just outside the campsite is full to the brim and flowing really fast. Cheddar is full of touristy shops and a few pubs and lots of cafés. We walk towards the gorge as far as the entrance to Jacobs Ladder, a steep staircase of 274 steps up to the top of the gorge. The caves are still closed due to covid. The river runs down the hill and looks very close to flooding and is hitting close to the top of the bridges and culverts.

A bit of Jacobs Ladder

We stop for a drink in the White Hart which is busy and definitely Halloween ready. Deciding to do a tour of the hostelries our next stop is The Kings Head which is quieter but also well decorated. Next is The Gardener’s Arms, modern, a little lacking in character, but lively. An average curry follows, I had starters and T had a main course. The bill was tiny though as they didn’t have a license so we drank tap water. A final beer at the Riverside Inn and then we wander back to the van. As we get  back to the campsite we hear a party going on at the sports club next door. We can’t resist being nosy so get a drink in the lounge people watching a lively 40th birthday party. An entertaining day.

The White Hart
The King’s Head with a spider problem
The Gardener’s Arms
Riverside Inn
40th birthday fun

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