Westhead to Witcham Cambridgeshire

Hurrah! Traveling again in Luci. We spent the final day at home putting bedding plants in pots and the garden. Really hoping that they survive the heatwave whilst we are away helped along with an occasional watering by Rach & Paul.

Our first stop this time is Witcham after a long and rather warm journey. Longer than we’d hoped as we kept ignoring the satnav. Spending 10 miles behind a rather large piece of farm machinery travelling at 15/20 miles an hour along narrow roads also didn’t help.

Arrived eventually at The Slade Paddock in Witcham in a small village, six miles outside Ely. The site is lovely, green and rural and our pitch is overlooking the fens. Crisps and chilled wine help T get over the driving.

The weather is glorious so we bbq lamb steaks and sausages in the sunshine. Around 7pm we decide to walk into Witcham to try out the local and suss out the bus stop. Sadly the White Horse isn’t opening until June. Luckily it’s only a ten minute walk back.

Back at the site we enjoy a pint in The Humble Pig, the campsite bar. It’s unusual but welcome. It’s a shed set up as a bar with some outside seating and a gazebo with a TV.

Sitting outside Luci we finish our wine and watch the setting sun whilst playing Spot The Difference on the notebook.

Once the sun has set we watch Naked Attraction on TV whilst nodding off. A good first day.

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