West Bay

We leave Charmouth at 10 and head towards West Bay. This is where Broadchurch was filmed. I found a carpark online that allows motorhomes and is next to the beach. It’s fab and only costs £2 for the day! It has 15 spaces and about half are already occupied so I’m thinking you would have to get here very early in the summer if it’s this busy at 10:30am on a wet Monday morning.

We walk along the harbour first before heading to East Beach.

The golden red cliffs are amazing, even better than on the telly. They look fragile and crumbly though, as if it wouldn’t take much for them to fall into the sea. However as they’ve been around/ underwater for 175 million years, they should be OK for a while yet.

It’s windy and raining so we don’t stay too long. On the way back we buy lunch. A ginormous pasty and a fruit scone to share plus some naughty cream as we already have jam.

Back at the van we have to turn on the heating as it’s a bit cold. We lunch in the car park and then drive for an hour to a campsite next to the beach at Durdle Door, just up the road from Lulworth Cove. The most expensive site ever at £30 a night. However its the only one that’s close.

It’s raining again so I stay in the van and catch up with my blog whilst Tony checks out the beach. I’m saving my visit until tomorrow which promises very little rain.

Dinner in the van again followed by TV, lots of quizzes including ‘Only Connect’ one of Tony’s faves and then ‘Who Do You Think You Are’.

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