It’s travelling day again. We are off to a campsite just inside Dartmoor called Woodland Springs.

It’s 2 hours of driving the usual twisty turny barrow roads in the rain. We arrive early afternoon,set up and enjoy soup for lunch.

It’s threatening rain all day but to avoid being stuck in the van we walk to the local pub in light rain. It’s a footpath across fields, some of which have sheep in them so there’s mud and sheep poo everywhere. Eventually we hit a very narrow back road that takes us eventually to the pub.

Pub is busy with locals and tourists but we get a table and have a few drinks and enjoy steak and gammon for dinner. Fabulous onion rings. It’s getting dark now, I want to walk back along the main road, T wants to take the footpath. We decide to try and get a taxi. I rang one but no one answered. Luckily the landlord who isn’t working arranges the bar maid to give us a lift back. It’s only a mile by road. Result! We have another pint to celebrate. Back at the van and watch a bit of bake off.

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