We are stuck in the van again for a third day. It’s raining the proverbial cats and dogs. Storm Alex is still firmly in control of the weather.

We start our van day with a cooked breakfast watching the London marathon.

Tony then braved the rain to book us in for another night. We are hoping for better weather tomorrow and don’t want to leave until we get to visit Lynmouth and Lynton.

We kindle, TV and snack the day away and have shop fish pie for dinner followed later on by a drink in the Beggers Roost. We were the only customers until about 9:40. T was loving a football chat with landlord who is a West Ham supporter and they enjoyed the Liverpool and Manchester United results, chuckling over the WhatsApp messages from blues supporters.

We tried earlier on today to get the heating working for the first time since January. Damn thing would not turn on so on our return we huddled under our quilts. Hopefully tomorrow we can escape and do some exploring.

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