Cycling around Hornsea

After a quiet morning we get our cycle togs on. Long sleeves and pants as its cloudy, windy and a few degrees cooler today. We’ve decided to cycle around exploring the countryside.

We take the Trans Pennine Trail again but this time go left from the campsite away from Hornsea towards Hull. It’s a cycle track built on an old railway track, at least this section is. Our first stop is Whitedale Station that was, where we stop for a few photos. The station house looks like it’s hardly changed.

Back on the bikes we cycle a bit further along the trail to the Railway Inn at New Ellerby where we enjoy a half. Great Hatfield is next where we enjoy another drink at the Wrygarth Inn.

At this point we decide to head towards the sea at Mappleton which means we have to go back along the trail as far as New Ellerby and then go via the main roads. The beach is quiet, just a few dog walkers. It’s supposed to be lovely but we don’t think we are seeing it in the best light. Maybe we’ve been spoilt by recent sunshine.

Tony thinks he has a quick route via a bridle path back to the campsite. We pass a couple horses on the way to it, a mama and her foal. They are quite nosy and friendly but also twitchy. After a bone rattling two minute cycle on the bridle path, I encourage a reroute which means we have to go via Hornsea. A final drink in our Hornsea local, the Stackhouse Bar, before returning to the campsite for our last journey on the Trans Pennine Trail before homemade enchiladas and Casino Royale.

We cycled 14+ miles today and I hit >200 miles on my e bike!!

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