It’s Sunday so we have a bit of a lie in. Poached eggs on toast for brunch and after getting ready we take a 10min walk to the bus stop. The rain disappeared overnight and the sun is trying to shine. It almost feels strange that we are walking instead of taking the bikes!

Only have to wait 10 mins for the bus into Leiden. It’s a 15min journey into the city center.  It’s a university city, picturesque, vibrant and loud, with canals, bridges, boats, flowering hanging baskets, music and bikes bikes bikes everywhere. The music is coming from boats filled with bands of musicians playing and singing.

Rembrandt was born here and Einstein regularly taught at its university, the oldest in the Netherlands.

As the sun is shining and we are thirsty, we stop for a beer and some bitterballen, local snack of deep fried meatballs.

Leiden has lots of museums all close to the centre and we decide on Rijksmuseum Boerhaave as it’s focused on science and medicine discoveries in the Netherlands. It’s a fab museum, with loads of hands on stuff to keep us interested. The Anatomical and Waterland exhibits are especially great. Loads of interesting stuff about the dykes and how they look after them, and how they maintain the coastline so that the country doesn’t get any smaller. Interesting fact, if the pumps stop working, 50% of the country would be under water! We could have spent loads more time there.

Wandering around the canals and sidestreets we stumble upon Rembrandt square with his sculpture in it. There’s also a couple of huge windmills.


Finish our visit with another beer and some tasty not local Chinese snacks and then back on the bus.IMG_20190707_180026-1152x568.jpg

Reading, relaxing, dinner, planning, Breaking Bad and off to bed.IMG_20190707_213421-1152x568.jpg

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