Hogen Kempen national park

No alarms today as we are having a leisurely morning. Managed to get a good night’s sleep despite my mossie bites and the heat.

Tony cooked us a plate full which we ate outside in the shade. It’s a little cooler today, with a high forecast of 29° rather than 33° yesterday.  Luckily we are parked under trees and have lots of natural shade.


I made and packed a picnic and we went on a bike ride into the national park, which is literally next door to the campsite. We had a go at trying to make sense of the cycle routes but it’s all Dutch to us! Enjoyed a ride down route 61 until we hit a main road which wasn’t the plan so we turned around and came back along the same route. Stopped for a 10min pitstop eating standing up as there weren’t any picnic tables. It’s a lovely forested park with lots of hiking and biking trails, we just couldn’t find the one we wanted!


Got back to out starting point after  1hr 15m. I caved at this point and decided my kindle was calling. Tony tried the other way, for another 1hr which of course he said was much more interesting! Now he’s napping zzz.


Decided to go to campsite bar for a drink before dinner. It’s very busy with lots of people enjoying the swimming pool and sunshine. As we leave a large group of women arrive on e-bikes. They are aged 60-75ish and we think a Christian group out for a social bike ride and meal. Can’t imagine the Women’s Institute going on bike ride!!


End our day with a leftovers picnic from the fridge and a 70’s easy listening playlist from Spotify which includes lots of the songtrack from our fave film Guardians of the Galaxy! Fab.


Trees looking fabulous at twilight!IMG_20190626_223328-404x816IMG_20190626_223429-404x816

4 thoughts on “Hogen Kempen national park

  1. Your pitch looks lovely, wish we were shaded like that 😁 Have you got ebikes? I’ve got one at home, (a big cargo bike mind). They’re amazing and make cycling so much easier and more fun I think 😁

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    1. Yes lots of lovely trees. We haven’t got e-bikes. I was going to get one for my last birthday and never got around to trying and choosing one. Luckily it’s mostly flat but can still be hard work into the wind. I’m definitely going to get one! 👍

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