Our Highland adventure ends

The final leg of our Highland adventure is a 4 hour journey along Motorways nearly all the way home.

Our trip has been eye opening. We didn’t appreciate the wonders on our doorstep.

We’ve seen and experienced countless lochs, glens, lochans, kyles , mountains and ranges, pinnacles, waterfalls, gorges, cliffs, stacks, morain, rivers, glorious beaches and coastline.

Spotted a bottle nosed dolphin, red deer, grey seals, red squirrels, a wee timorous beastie, herons, great skewers, guillemots, cormorants, many other seabirds, various unidentified raptors, a zillion sheep and lambs, shaggy Highland cattle and a goat. Sadly no Nessie or whales.

We’ve visited a museum or two, gardens, the odd castle, our neolithic past, seen Viking graffiti,  WWI and WWII relics and bloody battlefields further back in time.

The weather has been much better than we expected, only switched on the windscreen wipers once! Temperature has varied from freezing at night to 24°, with lots of sunny days  and plenty of wind.

The North Coast 500 was a wonderful way to see the Highlands and the roads were in much better repair than at home. Single track roads weren’t a problem as everyone is so polite. Tony my hero, did all the driving!

We loved the islands of Handa, Orkney and Skye. I hated the scary roads in Skye, steep with hairpin bends, but loved the places they took us to.

3 weeks of the great outdoors.        3 series of Game of Thrones, we’re ready for Season 8!


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