Kelpies, Bannockburn and Stirling

We’ve had a busy and great second day. Weather very kind again with lots of lovely sunshine. We started with a visit to the fabulous Kelpies sculptures in Falkirk, amazing 30m high horse heads made with a steel frame covered with shiny stainless steel. They were glistening in the sun today and wowing everyone, all 300 tonnes each of them!

Next stop was Bannockburn heritage centre where Tony enjoyed pretending to be an extra in Game of Thrones with a helmet and long sword. We had a walk outside to see where Robert the Bruce raised his royal standard and an independent Scotland was born.

Stirling was next and unusually we found a roadside parking spot in the town centre where we enjoyed lunch in Luci. We walked into the town and tried to visit the old jail but it was closed so walked around it instead. Strolled to the castle at the top of the hill passing by the Church of the Holy Rude, also closed,  where King James VI was crowned in 1567.  At the top enjoyed great views of Stirling and its surroundings. It’s a lovely place reminiscent of Edinburgh.

Final destination is Pitlochry. Campsite is 1 mile outside of town so after eating in the van we walk in, crossing the river Tummel on a very wobbly suspension footbridge. Touristy shops abound and it’s £10 for 2 pints in one pub! Daneyrys and Jon Snow are our bedtime companions again.

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