Our Motorhome Adventures Begin !

We bought ourselves a motorhome!! We’ve called it Luci.

It has taken us a while. We’ve enjoyed motorhome holidays in the USA, Australia and New Zealand so decided we would like one of our own. We started thinking about it in 2014 and actually looking in 2016, eventually buying in 2018… so it’s been a bit of a journey. Let the adventures begin 🚙🚙🚙.




One thought on “Our Motorhome Adventures Begin !

  1. Looks so cozy! Some day when You have travelled everywhere, then come to Finland! It offers surprises for You. Here are some photos among my:

    About me

    As You noticed, cruises on lakes, old castles, northern experiences, white nights in mid-summer, beautiful nature, world’s biggest wooden church, world’s oldest diving suit, huge statue parks with 500 sculptures, Samba Carnivals, Hanami, fishing possibilities, old historic and picturesque villages with wooden houses, excellent possibilities for hiking even far beyond the Arctic Circle. My list could be long longer.

    Happy and safe travels!

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